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WindMeter - Mobile anemometer application for Android.
An ultimate set of stop watch programs for F3K, F3J and F3B competitions. Improve your flying skills and make your timekeeper happy.

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Photo Planner for Instagram (Beta)

new android app in beta test, could be interesting for Instagram users

F3K Timer Pro - new update

new update 2.0.8 is available now. Enjoy

F3k Timer Pro update 2.0.2

We glad to present some nice features for F3K Timer:

Adjustable Count-down for starting working time

Talking Timer (US only) - talks working time, count down flight time and announce next traget time in ladder task.


F3K Timer Pro

We have released new version of the F3K Timer. We have add some useful features you are asked for.
PS. The old version will not be supported anymore, just download a Pro version, it's free and better :)
Enjoy, druid lab team.

"Measure & Sketch" released

We have release a new android application: "Measure & Sketch". It's free application with Ad support (could be removed only for 0.99€)
The „Measure & Sketch“ helps you to sketching up your measures and dimensions on a photo.
All you have to do is take a photo of an object you wish to store dimensions of. Then you add dimensions with arrows, angles and text labels with very intuitive interface.
You have ability to organize your sketches with folder system, export and share them with your friends or business partners.

Wind Meter on Samsung Galaxy S (Epic 4G)

Wind Meter has first customers and we are working to improve the Wind Meter accuracy.
We have released update with calibration for Samsung Galaxy S, it should work on Samsung Epic 4G too.

Wind Meter

We proud to present our new anemometer application for Android - Wind Meter.

It uses device sound input to estimate wind speed. It works by analyzing the sound of wind passing the device microphone. This is achieved using the advanced proprietary algorithms to filter out the wind generating sound from the background noise and other sounds.
Wind Meter includes compass integration, so you can easily find wind direction too.

F3K Timer, update

Have extended Poker task in F3K Timer. Now it's possible to enter the flight time after starting the flight. Fixed bug with reset function.
Unfortunately, I did not publish the new version on the Market, I have lost my signing key for application development :(
Only option to publish the app, create a new one, user should uninstall old one before, no update possible from 0.1.5 version. You can download this version here F3k timer 0.1.6

Are you searching RC timer for IPhone?

No problem, visit the our friend IPhone project:

RC-Timer Lite/Pro

F3B timer got a minor update

released 0.1.1 version, fixed some bugs.

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