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WindMeter - Mobile anemometer application for Android.
An ultimate set of stop watch programs for F3K, F3J and F3B competitions. Improve your flying skills and make your timekeeper happy.

Vitaliy's blog

F3B timer program is out!

After few weeks of development we glad to offer you F3B timer program.
it supports all F3B tasks: Speed, distance and duration.
We have decided to render all graphic manually and even draw the touch buttons to reduce delay time of triggering the timers and make the program more accurate. We are thinking to rewrite the F3J timer in this manner too. Enjoy and please drop us your feedback.

F3J Timer, Released!

First version of F3J timer is released! This is actually a version with UI port of the popular F3J Timer program for Palm from Francisco Pantano Rubiño

Minor update to version 0.1.2

Added german and russian translations. Renamed button "undo" into "zero", now possible to decide how to invalidate the flight: as zero flight or just discard it. Replaced a standart application icon.

First version of DLG timer has been released!

After some playing with Android SDK I have decided to write port of very nice program DLGTime for Palm.
It took few days of development, there is still a lot of room for improvements, but I think this version is quite enough to use in F3K contests or DLG trainings.

Please don't hesitate to drop us a line with your proposal or comment.
Have a fun!

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